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Episode 16: Emily Chappell, A cycle courier who took on the World!

November 7, 2021

In this episode I'm delighted to have the opportunity to speak to adventurer, ultra-distance cyclist and author Emily Chappell.  We first had the opportunity to hear about Emily's adventures alongside Jenny Graham (the female around the World Record holder) at a talk in Buxton and was introduced to her book "Where there's Will" (Or order direct via Instagram message and sometimes she even cycle delivers! He other book is "What Goes Around")

This event certainly sowed the seeds of interest with us of how far we could go and it was great to chat to Emily about some of her more far flung adventures, about her ultra-endurance racing career on rides such as the Transcontinental and of course the best snacks!

Although we didn't get the chance to chat about it so much she is a fantastic advocate of different body images in cycling and LGBTQ persons in cycling too 

Emily Chappell (@emilyofchappell) • Instagram photos and videos

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